The Genesis

When I was 18 years old my Grandfather gifted me a powerful silver ring depicting the great and wise Moses. As he gave me this ring he told me that he and my Grandmother went on a trip to the middle east and he hiked up Mt. Sinai where he saw the burning bush. From that time it set me on a journey to discover my roots and lineage.


After college and working in the corporate world I opened up Namaste Yoga & Healing Center in Asheville , North Carolina where I dived deep into the mystic and learned esoteric and healing art practices.  Currently, I am an international reggae recording artist known as RasMoses.


Early on, I started researching the origin, practical uses, healing and spiritual properties of cannabis and hemp.  I was delighted to find out that the root and eptamology of cannabis is from the hebrew word known as Cannabosem. Upon further studies I discovered in the Dead Seas Scrolls and The Books of Moses in the Torah the ancient recipe for the holy anointing oil that the ancient Israelite priests used to separate the secular from the sacred.


It is also known that Christ (anointed) used the holy formula to heal and sanctify. I created the biblical  anointing oil for myself to assist in my meditation practice and started offering anointing ceremonies in Colorado in yoga classes and for friends and family. The feedback and encouragement was phenomenal and people were having profound results.  I decided to share this ancient blessing with the world.


Cannabosem seeks to bring peace to earth one anointing at time. This is the healing of the nations.